We consistently receive (and appreciate) superb evaluations and comments, such as:

“The person who probably knows more about impairment and disability assessment than anyone else alive was kind enough to offer his thoughts on the issue. Chris Brigham, MD, has been involved in this issue for thirty years. Here are his thoughts on the potential impact of the guidelines in Illinois…”

“We appreciate the thoroughness of your review, analysis and report. We also appreciate the fact that you gave prompt attention to our request for an independent medical examination and in answering our follow-up questions. Your report was very persuasive and your conclusions were all well-supported. We particularly appreciate the literature citations you provided from peer-reviewed articles in your report which supported your analyses and conclusions. The fact-finder reviewing this case accepted your opinions and the judgment was favorable for our client.”

“Thanks again for taking the time to walk us through the issues of my case. It was very helpful. I used your rebuttal report in a case last month for the first time. Your report gave me additional language to use in my settlement discussions with AA, and it provided me with a better understanding of the holes in the Panel’s WPI.”

“The service and the response time provided has been outstanding. This was my first opportunity to utilize your services and definitely will not be my last. Please pass on my thank you to Dr. Brigham for providing me with such a well-documented and thorough report.”

“You have made my day. I really do appreciate it and will value the information. You’ve made my brain bigger. It’s also nice to know that there are still companies out there that value their customers so much.”

“Excellent Speaker! Best professional I have ever heard. Sincere and made potentially very dry topic to a more interesting one. I wasn’t bored and never got drowsy.”

“Very useful, excellent topic and presentation, excellent presenter.”

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