Our Services

We assist you and your organization by providing expert consultative services. We are best known for our expertise in reviewing reports authored by other physicians and medical documents in order to address your specific issues.

These services are provided in the arenas of workers’ compensation, Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act, automobile casualty, personal injury, disability, and federal programs. Our goal is to answer critically important questions with clarity, objectivity, and efficiency; such answers enable appropriate decisions to be made. Our focus is on clinical, causation, and impairment assessment.

Causation Analysis

It is critically important to determine if problems are causally related to an injury. By applying science and current medical knowledge, we assess causation and apportionment.

“…answering critically important questions with clarity, objectivity and efficiency…”

Impairment Review and Analysis

We are respected for our expertise with the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. We can assist you by reviewing ratings to determine if they are accurate and, by reviewing medical documentation, to determine the extent of impairment.

Expert services include consultation, expert-witness testimony and development of highly effective cross-examination questions and strategies.

Referrals may be made online. Our process is secure and efficient.