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Living Aloha and Pono

On September 27, 2013, I was blessed with the opportunity to be the keynote conference for the Western Occupational Health Conference. I felt honored to serve in this role; it was also challenging. The following are my remarks. “`I am sharing you my perspectives of “Living Aloha and Pono” not as a Hawaiian (which obviously […]

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Unfit for Work – Startling Rise of Disability

National Public Radio is airing an excellent series on the epidemic of disabling, a quiet epidemic resulting in tremendous costs (human and financial). Unfit for Work – The startling rise of disability in America is not to be missed. Chana Joffe-Walt and her team present their findings in a one hour program on This American […]

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Needless dis/ability and a flawed medical industry

Many of the challenges we face in workers’ compensation are the results of flawed processes and the wrong incentives — that drive certain behaviors — ultimately harming injured workers and society. There is a increasing awareness of need for change to a “biopsychosocial” approach for claims management. Highly recommend the new documentary “Escape Fire: The […]